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Get In Tune With Some Tunes

Today, people are spending more time listening to music than ever before. Did you know that besides creating pleasure, entertainment, and contentment, music can also help improve mental health, the immune system, self-esteem, and confidence?

Music can be used for those who have experienced traumatic events or have PTSD to lessen symptoms that interfere with their daily life. Some of the common symptoms include stress, anxiety, trouble concentrating, and sleeping. The right music combined with mindfulness exercises can help to ground yourself and stay in the present. Other benefits include managing anxiety, lifting moods, encouraging a deeper sleep, and much more.

Savyn has curated a list of relaxing music to help you just do that. For example, the frequencies and binaural beats list help to produce positive effects on anxiety, memory, mood, creativity, and attention. If you love yoga or meditation, our Nature Sounds will offer you a perfect natural escape to help you create a space for practicing and entering a more peaceful state. If you have a problem to tackle and it requires absolute focus, our Lo-Fi list is your best choice. Additionally, it can also help increase brain activity, improve cognitive ability and reduce stress.

Did you know that in trauma therapies music can also be used as a therapeutic tool to address cognitive, emotional, physical, and social aspects of an individual? This type of therapy is called music therapy. There are many forms of activities used in this type such as listening to melodies, playing instruments, and writing songs. There is a creative and receptive process implemented in which one you create music while the other you listen to music. If you want to consider music therapy to heal from trauma, please choose a professionally trained specialist from a credible platform.

Last but not least, follow Savyn Tech on Spotify to create your own peaceful space whenever you want. If you find our curations helpful to manage stress and reduce anxiety, feel free to share and recommend them to someone who may also need some therapeutic tunes in their life.

Happy listening!

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