PTSD therapy made simple and accessible.

SavynCares has launched!

We've built a free multilingual platform providing grounding tools to heal from trauma and manage anxiety, stress and other emotions.






















Savyn is a digital Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) mental health therapy platform.

We simulate PTSD therapies clinically proven to be effective treatments for managing panic attacks, triggers and other symptoms of trauma.

How we help

Are you experiencing anxiety, stress or a panic attack?


  • Listen to and practice our breathing exercises so you are equipped to handle stress and anxiety you may be experiencing about COVID-19.

  • Deep breathing produces a calming response in our body and will make you feel better.

  • We use the box breathing technique, which has been proven by research to be very effective.

 English breathing practice

‏هل تعاني من القلق أو التوتر أو نوبات هلع ؟ 

استمع وتمر ن على تمارين التنفس لتكون على استعداد للتعامل مع القلق والتوتر الناتج عن كوفيد 19

التنفس العميق يساعد الجسم على الاستجابة للتهدئة فيشعرك بتحس 

نحن نستخدم تمرين تنفس الصندوق التي اتبتت ايجابيتها في البحث العلمي

التنفس التأمل العربي



  • 学习我们的呼吸练习来应对COVID19可带来的潜在压力和焦虑。

  • 深呼吸会在我们的身体中产生镇定反应,并使您平静下来。

  • 我们使用的盒式呼吸技术已被证明非常有效。

Listen to our affirmations

You can also listen to our affirmations, which can help some people feel better about a difficult situation.

Do you want to diminish negative feelings associated with trauma?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is using guided eye motion therapy while verbally retelling your feelings of anxiety and trauma. Multiple sessions will help you diminish these feelings over time. Stay tuned for our offering of this feature.




Long term healing

Writing about the trauma and what you were feeling, while you revisit the traumatic event, will help you heal over the long term. Written exposure therapy will help you through a guided set of questions that will help you through your healing journey. Keep track of your mood and keep up with your treatments. We will be providing this feature soon.


About Us



At Savyn Tech, we advocate for mental health, gender and racial equality using technology. We are dedicated to improving immigrant and refugee experiences, especially their mental health.

Three co-founders make SAVYN - Sakeena Mihar, Vic Shao-Chih Chiang, Yang Wang. We share a vision of building a better world together. We are all immigrants from different countries, hustling in the city of Toronto.

We believe in levelling the playing field using technology, social equity and hard work. Let's work together to make the world a better place to live! Connect with us if you are interested.


Sakeena Mihar​


Founder and CEO


Vic Shao-Chih Chiang 


Founder and Chief Scientist


Yang Wang

Founder and CMO





Social Impact Award