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Clinical Research

Savyn's platform is based on clinical research on PTSD and therapeutic protocols that are digitized. We are currently running two significant research studies on our platform.

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Reducing PTSD symptoms using Savyn's eye movement therapy based on EMDR

This is clinical study under the guidance of our Principal Investigator, Dr Benjamin Dunkley from University of Toronto and Dunkley Labs at Sick Kids Research Institute.

Dr Don Edwards a registered psychotherapist and Jasmin Chahal lead our study.


We recruited patients who have been in a motor vehicle accident for this study. We are seeing success with patients with PTSD and trauma who used Savyn’s digital platform. We measured patients’ distress levels, measured on a scale from 0 to 10, 10 being the highest distress levels. We brought down patient’s distress levels that were reported at 9 or 10 to levels measuring 2. This is comparable to 1x1 in person therapy.

For more information on the study please email at


Thematic analysis on the perspectives on EMDR therapist on digital pyschotherapeutic application

Savyn interviewed about 20 registered pyschotherapists in Canada to understand the challenges and concerns using digital platforms to treat patients. This paper looks at the themes that came about as a result of these interviews. The paper has passed ethics board and supervised by Dr Becky Choma, Associate Professor, Director of Social and Political Psychology Lab at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University).

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